So this was the very first photograph that I ever took

….Rubbish isn’t it !

In my defence, I was only 11 and I just got my first SLR “Film” camera for Christmas, the EXAKTA RTL 1000 (I have one still today) and I was very excited to do something with it. So why not make your Mum go outside with a kitchen chair and read the newspaper? …. And yes it was a white Christmas! Hopefully, it wasn’t too long after this that I learnt to focus the thing properly!

Following the New Year, I was clearing some stuff out (as you do) thinking about 2018 and plans for my business, when I came across the photo which I had forgotten all about it. I was so glad I came across it as it has helped anchor me to the past, where/when my photography started and subsequently helped my think through what needs to happen in 2018.

What was the first photograph you ever took?

So that was my first ever image, and below is the last one I did before closing down for the holidays, some … err 40 years later…. Interesting progression :)