New Upgrade Client Area

_DSF9364We have created a new client area on our website along with a new way of booking your photography sessions and appointments.

With our new calendar, you now have the ability to book your session by photographer (i.e. Steve or Sarah or No Preference) which is really useful when tracking down our individual availability by session type. For example, as Sarah is the Newborn Baby specialist, this session type now defaults to her and her individual calendar, so you know when you book she will actually be free, and not shooting a wedding or something.

Login into your account using the website links as usual. However, we have not been able to migrate your login password as they are kept encrypted so we have set them to be the same as your login i.e. your registered email address is both your User Name (or login ID) and your Password. 

When you login, you will see your Dashboard Page, the booking and appointment calendar is at the bottom of the page, it should be self-explanatory.

The first thing to do is select the photography session from the list and click on the button “Show Available Times ” please be patient as the page refreshes, this will then show you the default photographer along with the calendar’s free days in green. Select the date you want and the available slots with show up on the right, pick your slot and complete the short booking form, don’t forget to add some info under Notes about the kind of pictures you want or subjects being photographed. As before, the calendar will then email you a confirmation . If you don’t get this in a few minutes, then check your spam/junk folders first before getting in touch with us.

Any problem, please contact us using the email form on our Contacts Page link above.


Cheers !

Steve & Sarah (or No Preference) Fisher

VisualChaos Studios