Newborn Photography - Baby Girls and Tutus


Our latest newborn visitor came to us at just under two weeks old which is the perfect time to get those gorgeous sleeping beauty shots.  And give me a sleeping baby and I feel almost duty bound to start dressing them up.  What could be more wonderful that popping a tutu on a baby?  A tutu and a matching headband?  OK, you have me there.

Luckily we have a wide selection of props and accessories at the studio, all ready to adorn baby heads and bodies at a moment’s notice.  We continually add to and refresh our collection with lots of gorgeous and mostly hand-made items so you can be sure that your newborn is wearing only the latest and greatest in ‘new to the planet’ fashion.

In fact, in honour of the birth of our new prince, I’ve just ordered a very fetching crown!  Can’t wait for a little prince or princess to come and test it out for me.