21311-0151 With our free Joey Club scheme we offer guideline timings for sessions, the first being newborn to 3 months – no young model is too young for their first shoot.  I think the youngest we have had visit us so far is four days old and he did brilliantly!  Clearly a lot depends on how you are feeling after the birth – babies seem to just take it all in their stride!  You’re welcome to visit us any time but on a  personal note, whilst I appreciate no-one gives birth then cries ‘ quick, get me to a photographer!’, if you can manage a visit during the first two weeks then you get a brilliant opportunity to capture those precious newborn moments.

Some new mums don’t feel confident enough to join in the photos at this point but new baby and dad photos can be really special too.  A lot of a newborn session will focus on just your baby, shot against a black background with low light to really capture and highlight the fragility of those early days (plus it has the added bonus of being flattering lighting for mum and dad too!).  So I guess, without wanting to get too preachy about it, I’d love to encourage you to visit as soon as possible with your little one.  They change so fast, I know that those really early phtos will be ones that you’ll treasure forever.  …Sarah