Newborn PhotographyNewborn photography is one of my greatest joys and privileges in the studio, I just love the opportunity to work with these gorgeous little creatures.  That said, achieving those adorable sleepy poses is a great deal harder if you don’t have them visit in the first two weeks and mum, dad and I had to work quite hard to get this little lady relaxed enough to drift off.  Still, it was all totally worth it as she looks so beautiful and cosy.

Newborn babies only look ‘newborn’ for the most fleeting of times.  In just a few short weeks they will start to transform before your eyes into the little boys and girls that they will become, they become alert and involved in what is going on around them and you see far less of those curled up sleepy poses.  Although it feels early to bring a baby to the studio in the first two weeks of their time with you (between 5 and 10 days is perfect), it really does capture a unique time in your new family’s life and produce pictures that you will treasure forever.