Passport, ID, Licence and Visa Photos


If you need a passport, visa, driving license / gun license or ID photo that you can’t get in a standard booth or if you want one that is a little more flattering than the machine generated ones then visit our studio in Crawley Down, near East Grinstead and Gatwick and get your pictures printed while you wait.    We take pictures for adults, babies and young children.

We shoot our passports in our portrait studio utilising the same high quality lighting and equipment that we do for all of our other portrait clients and, although we are constrained by the legal lighting and format requirements of the various passport and visa formats, the resulting photos are noticeably better than the machine booths.  On top of this, our passport and visa photographic software is kept updated with the latest biometric requirements and will check that the photograph meets those (often very stringent) requirements before printing.

Biometric Scan Compliant Images – Our Software fully supports preparing biometric passport photos in accordance with ISO/IEC-standard 19794-5, based on the geometric standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

The cost for the passport/visa session is £15 for the first person including one sheet of prints.  Then there is only an additional £5 payable for each additional person or sheet of photographs that you require and if you bring along a memory stick or SD / CF card, we can also provide the image for you digitally (as required for some visa applications)

Book and pay for your passport / visa / ID session here