Baby Passport Photos in East Grinstead

If you’re planning to travel with a child and need to organise their first passport or visa, then you have probably already started to dread the photo taking process.   The booths that are in shopping centres and supermarkets are not a great deal of fun for adults but for children, they can be a downright nightmare and if you’re trying to take photos of a child before they can sit unaided, they’re pretty much impossible.   It’s quite easy to keep feeding them pound coins and still come away with no pictures or pictures with problems at the end of the process.

The passport office expect the same strict guidelines that apply to adult passports to be followed when it comes to children and rejected photos will ultimately delay passports being processed.  So there’s a real benefit to having your pictures taken in a studio environment.  We have space and flexibility to change our set up in order to create your passport image plus we have lots of experience in how best to achieve the image and advice to give on what will cause photos to be rejected.  On top of this, we actually use software that checks and creates your photograph according to the current biometric standards of the country in question (we can offer pictures for a great deal of countries although not every country in the world – you can check the list of those we can provide here).   This software is constantly updated and will provide us with a pass / fail flag to ensure that your picture meets the relevant standards.  We can honestly say that we have never had a photograph rejected yet.

Baby & Child Passport Photos

Some of the common problems and frustrations of taking baby passport pictures, especially with very young children, is that you are not allowed to be in the photograph with them.  This even applies to your hand or fingers being in the shot to provide them with the support you need.   We have a tried and tested method of photographing even newborn babies in the studio with the right way of supporting them so they feel safe but your picture will show no visible signs of it.  The other issue with passport photos of babies and young children is that the need to be looking squarely at the camera so both their ears are visible, their facial features are clear and their expression is neutral – trying to achieve this with an excited toddler in a booth who can see themselves and persuading them to a. keep still and b. not make funny faces is a challenge in itself.  In a studio environment, you can be with the photographer in a much more natural setting and encourage them to follow the simple instructions to make getting your passport / ID / visa photo as drama free as possible.

Adult Passport Photos

We also offer passport photos for adults in the studio.  While we certainly can’t guarantee that it will be as flattering as the photographs we take in the portrait studio, we do use a much nicer lighting that the booths so you might not want to hang the finished result on your wall, but it won’t make you shudder every time you travel either!  Unfortunately, it’s against the law for us to tamper or in any way alter or amend your pictures so we don’t offer an airbrushing service (I know some photographers do but it does seem a very silly thing to get into court over!), but we will advise you on how to pose within the acceptable guidelines to get the best picture possible.

Passport Photo Pricing

A studio passport photo costs £15 including one sheet of images.  The amount of photos that you can get on a sheet depends on the specification for the country you are travelling to but as a guideline, with a UK passport, you get four images on a sheet.  Additional sheets of images, which are sometimes required for certain visas, or if you are travelling and require more than one format of your image are £5.   Additional people at the session also only cost £5 so if you are travelling as a family and need to two adults and two children’s photos updated the total cost would be £15 for the first person and £5 for the other three people so a total of £30 with all your photos printed while you wait to take away and checked against the biometric standards according to your requirements.   A lot less bother and frustration that queuing up at a booth in a busy supermarket!

Booking Your Passport Appointment

Passport photos are available on an appointment basis, we don’t offer a drop in service as the studio is quite often busy with other things.  However, you can use the button below to access our online calendar to find a time and date that suits you and make your booking.

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