Passport Visa and ID Photos in Crawley Down West Sussex

VisualChaos studios offer a professional passport, ID and visa photography service from our studio in Crawley Down.

Whether you need a photograph that isn’t offered by the standard passport booth, if you need a photograph of a baby or young child or just want something a little more flattering than the booths have to offer, then we can offer you a solution.

Many passport and visa photos specifications now are dictated by the demands of biometric systems which means that the requirements can be very specific in terms of head placements, skin percentages and background requirements.  We operate an worldwide standard software that is kept updated with the latest international requirements and automatically checks each photo as it is placed into the relevant country’s template to ensure that it meets all standards and will be accepted by the authorities.  We have never had a photograph rejected from a passport or visa application through using this system.

Unfortunately, as I’ve said above, we have to take photos according to strict requirements and so we can’t guarantee that it will be the most flattering picture of you or that you will love it but the lighting is more gentle than that which is used in the booths so you will see an improvement there.  Also, if you’ve ever tried to take a picture of a small child in a passport booth, you will know that it is almost impossible to get it right on the first try as no part of you is allowed to be in the photograph with your child so it’s a lot easier to do it in a comfortable studio environment where you don’t have to hold your baby through a curtain or sitting on the floor of a booth!

It’s not legal for us to change or airbrush your photos in any way so unfortunately that’s not a service that we can offer – photographers that do are breaking the law but we can make you look truly fabulous in a portrait session of course so book in for one of those if you want to look at your photos and love them. We can however, make sure your passport / visa photo is accepted with your application on the first try, saving you time and money in a sometimes long and drawn out application process.

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A passport / visa session includes one sheet of images printed while you wait and costs £15.  The amount of photographs that you can get on one sheet varies according to the size requirements of the image but for a standard UK passport, there are four images on one sheet.  An additional sheet of images costs £5 or an additional person having their photo taken at the same session is £5 extra.