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Payment Options

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Payment Options

We are always grateful when you do!

We can accept payment via cash, credit card and our preferred method bank transfer. We no longer accept cheques unless by prior arrangement, and only for larger values i.e. Wedding balance. If you would like to pay by bank transfer, which is our preferred method as it is cheaper for us and quicker, our account details are on your invoice…

Credit Cards (via PayPal)

You can pay online by credit/debit/PayPal using the submission form below. Enter your Name or Invoice Reference number and the amount to pay then click on “Make Payment” to pay.

Payment Form

Enter the payment details and submit

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Internet Banking

Our bank details for internet banking can be seen on your invoice, or please get in touch for details.

Please use your session number, surname or invoice number as the reference/ID. It would also be useful if you dropped us a quick email to say that payment has been made so that we can look out for it.

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