Children's Portrait Photography in the StudioThis little lady paid her second visit to the studio with her mum under the Baby Photography Scheme (our free baby photography club – find out more here), but this time it was a bit of secretive visit as the pictures where going to be part of her Daddy’s birthday presents.

OK this works best before your little one is able to speak, and go home and say to her Daddy, ‘we went to see a funny lady today…’ – actually from then until they can be bribed to not say anything all – but I just love the idea of the images that we created being made that extra bit more special by being a surprise gift.  On this occasion it was for a birthday, but other fabulous occasions to celebrate with a ‘secret squirrel’ photo session are anniversaries – quite often we have groups of children and grandchildren coming together to create an image for a special wedding anniversary or landmark birthday.

There was a second purpose to the visit (if you don’t just call capturing that very cheeky and adorable smile being a purpose all of itself).  That was to capture her in her very special outfit for her Dedication Ceremony and first birthday party at the coming weekend.  So all around, there was a lot to celebrate for this family over the coming week and I’m very glad to have been a little part of it.  …Sarah