Studio Family Photography Gift Voucher

Sometimes you have to lead a horse to water and make sure it has a jolly good drink while it is there, otherwise your horse could get dehydrated and you’d have nothing to look at and remember what a great horse it was in years to come. Umm, well I lost it on the analogy at the end there but the principle point is that photographs are a really important way of preserving family history for all the generations to come.

Now lots of people are a bit camera shy and also very canny about dodging being any pictures at all, but get them to the studio and they kind of have to join in. So this lady’s son bought her a gift voucher for a studio session to ensure that they would have some fantastic images of her to add to their family album and also that she would be recorded for the family tree.  She was a little nervous when she first came into the studio but she soon relaxed into the session and, dare I say, even had a good time.

So everyone’s a winner. The family have great photos of their mum, she had some fun creating them and everyone has the satisfaction of knowing that these photos will be seen by all the family members that come after her and they will know her a little better for that.

The horse was fine by the way.