Portrait Photography – Just the Two of You

Portrait Photography – Just the Two of You

Studio Portrait Photography - CouplesYou know, particularly when you become parents, your camera gets a lot of use.  Special occasions and every day outings are all recorded in equal measure and you’re going to treasure all these photos of your son or daughter growing up.  If you’re doing it right, you should have plenty of pictures / ammunition to embarrass them royally when they hit teenage years!    Plus, this is the time that you’re most likely to book into a portrait studio to get some images professionally captured.  But when you are looking on your walls and in your photo albums, there can be a bit of a gap – there probably aren’t that many pictures of the two of you together.  That’s a real shame as you are going on just as much of a journey as your baby and there should definitely some evidence of it.

Actually this shot comes from a Baby Photography session but the little lady in question was taking some time out from her modelling duties to enjoy a snack break – so we put the time to good use to capture some pictures of her mum and dad just being themselves.

A session in the studio costs just £26 or if you have a baby under 12 months then it is free under the Baby Photography Studio scheme (visit www.BabyPhotographyStudio.co.uk to find out more).  Portrait sessions are booked in hour long slots so there is plenty of time to capture lots of different images – why not take some time in your session to tuck your little one in their car seat all nice and cosy and grab some images of you as a couple!

You can register at either www.VisualChaos.co.uk or at www.BabyPhotographyStudio.co.uk (if you have a baby under 12 months) and book your session into our online calendar.

About the Author:

I am a professional Creative ~ Photographer, Videographer, Cinematographer and Drone Pilot My professional photographic career started at the tender age of 13 when I won my first commission to photograph an art collection by a local artist. It paid £50 which was reasonable money for an ambition 13 year old in 1978. I have continued to take pictures ever since, and quite simply, I couldn’t be happier! I am professionally qualified with the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP).

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