Portraits & Food

Portraits & Food


I thought I’d add a bit today in terms of portrait advice.  Whilst I’ve been know to go to great lengths for a packet of chocolate buttons, it doesn’t work well in getting kids to play along in the studio.

We don’t allow food in the actual shooting space part of the studio after a very unfortunate incident with some jelly worms (I try not to think about it too much – it was very sticky), but from experience food as a bribe for sitting still or smiling tends not to work. What normally happens is (and I think this demonstrates how kids can outsmart us) your little one will sit for a millisecond, feel they’ve kept up their end of the bargain and then leave in search of their reward.

Working with mum and dad, and a combination of distraction techniques, games, singing of nursery rhymes and dad dancing, we can usually get the job done. Of course, if you want me to do the dancing, just bring along a pack of chocolate buttons! …Sarah

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I am a professional Creative ~ Photographer, Videographer, Cinematographer and Drone Pilot My professional photographic career started at the tender age of 13 when I won my first commission to photograph an art collection by a local artist. It paid £50 which was reasonable money for an ambition 13 year old in 1978. I have continued to take pictures ever since, and quite simply, I couldn’t be happier! I am professionally qualified with the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP).