Location Portraits, 90th Birthday PartyThis gentleman is pictured with his great-grandchildren at his 90th birthday party.  We were thrilled to be asked to come along and capture pictures of him celebrating with his family and friends.  Rather than simply capture the party as it happened, we wanted to create some more formal images to record him with his guests and so we took along our mobile portrait studio.

Completely self-sufficient in terms of power, we just set up our lights (we can bring along a backdrop if required but the venue happened to have a suitably neutral set of curtains that we made use of) and welcomed all comers.  People were a little shy to start with but soon we had a queue of families wanting to have their photographs taken both as a family on their own and of course with the birthday boy.

Birthdays and anniversary parties are some of the rare occasions where friends and families all come together so it is a great opportunity to create images of far-flung families all together for once.  Just get in touch to find out more about booking our mobile portrait studio for your special occasion.