Props in the Studio

Props in the Studio

Joey Club Baby Photography


We have a good range of props in the studio, designed to suit all kinds of age ranges and situations.  We have sofas for larger groups, a very versatile armchair that suits pretty much anything from babies to septuagenarians, a footstool that is the perfect height for little ones who have just learned to pull themselves up and cruise around, the list goes on.  But sometimes, the best prop is mum or dad.  So here pictured is by far the most beautiful and glamorous prop that I have had in the studio for a good long while.

Babies and toddlers will naturally gravitate to whatever interests them at any given moment and our little man had just found his feet and could think of lots more interesting things to do than sit down to have his picture taken.  However, he was more than happy to pose as long as he got to climb around on his mum.  Proving once again, that sometimes it is best just to keep things simple…


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