Yep, it’s snowing….Studio access is good, both Turners Hill Road and Sandy Lane are fine and recently gritted and we recommend access to Sandy Lane from the Turners Hill Road end, if you do not know the area. We will do our best to keep the drive to the studio clear of snow, but due to spine surgery 10 days ago, my abilities are limited currently. There are two sleeping policeman on our drive, so please be carefully when walking , they are in the middle and in front of the windows either side of the front door. If you feel getting to the studio will be a problem, please call and let us know as soon as possible. I will keep this message up dated through the winter as required.

Unless we have popped off this mortal-coil, we will be at the studio for photography sessions that are booked and confirmed, although the office has migrated to home for medical reason for January – Stay warm :)

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