Snow Wedding Photography ImageSo when you are marrying in January, you have to be realistic about your prospects for a sunny warm day but when the weather forecast lets you know that you are expecting half a foot of snow, you have a couple of choices.  You can stay indoors or you can get out your wellies and make the most of it.  So this bride quite obviously chose the latter of the two options and I have to say, it was an absolute blast!  Despite being in an off the shoulder dress, she didn’t exhibit any signs of getting cold – I guess they had their love to keep them warm!  So after the ceremony, we took a walk from the Felbridge Hotel into the fields behind and the resulting set of images are snowy and spectacular.  Even the group photography was taken in the courtyard in the centre of the hotel with all the guests gamely getting out into the snow, and the groom and his party inculding in a massive snowball fight.  Well as the saying goes, when life gives you lemons…  Sarah