Studio Portrait Photograph of a CoupleAnother good reason for working in the festive season – it gives people a chance to come spend their gift certificates! I expect I’ll be seeing quite a few more of these kind of sessions over the next few months as we sold quite a lot of photography gift experiences in November and December – so I’m really looking forward to people spending them with us.  They’re available for anything either for a set gift, ie a session and framed 10×8 print or for a currency value that the recipient can use to purchase what they wish.
Here, we had a visit from more of the delicious Price family – the lovely Nicola and Ben (which is also lovely of course). They just wanted some pictures of them together as a couple, so we worked through lots of different ideas from the romantic and moody through to the more relaxed and fun shots.  There were so many great photos, hard to make a choice but I think I like the simplicity of this one, plus their beautiful smiles. …Sarah