Newborn Baby Photography Studio Portrait PhotographWith newborn babies, there really is no such thing as them being too small to bring into the studio.  In fact there are some stunning images that you it is possible to create in their first two weeks of life that you will never get the chance to do again as they grow and develop.  There are a few reasons for this but the two main ones are

1. They are still really sleepy – as long as they have a full tummy, they will be easy to get to sleep and therefore to pose for those lovely newborn shots.

2. They are still furled – that is when you tuck their legs beneath them when they are lying on their tummies, they will stay there as they are used to being curled up in the foetal position.

This means that there are tons of wonderful opportunities for photography that you will be able to treasure for ever.   Obviously the first thought of every mother who has just given birth is, two weeks?  Are you kidding?  There is no way that I will be wanted to get into a photo studio in the first fortnight after having just grown a whole person!  That’s totally understandable, I’m sure I would have said exactly the same. There are a couple of things though, that you should know about newborn sessions with VisualChaos Studios that might change your mind a little bit.

This type of newborn session can focus entirely on the baby if mum and dad don’t feel that they want to be involved, there will be a lifetime of opportunities for photos of you all together anyway so if you don’t feel that you are looking your best, there will be no pressure to get your picture taken.  Of course if you want to, you are always more than welcome (would be weird in a photographic studio if this wasn’t the case but I thought it was worth stating).

The sessions are booked for two hours and once you are in the studio, you get to relax in a warm and cosy studio, on our comfy sofas and just let me take care of everything else – I will deal with moving, posing, dressing, nappy changing and cleaning up after any accidents throughout the session.  Everything in our studio is washable including  me, I’ve been working with babies in the studio for over a decade now and am quite used to mopping up and, in my mind, a few spills are totally justified in pursuit of that totally wonderful naked newborn photograph.  You’ll just be a few feet away but there is no stress or physical effort involved from you at all.  We have lots of wonderful props, from baby beds to huge bird’s nests, and tons of snuggly blankets and accessories which we can mix and match to create lots of different images of your new arrival.  Hopefully this will make you feel that a studio session with your newborn is something you could cope with, there is something so wonderful about the photos that will make you glad you did.

This gorgeous little girl came to us at about 6 weeks old and so she was wide awake and bushy tailed for her session – but of course that doesn’t mean that you can’t still get fabulous images as I think my favourite image on the left proves.