Bright colours are a popular wedding trend this year which really does give sunflowers a chance to shine.  ISunflower Wedding Bouquett is very hard, if not impossible, to feel sad whilst looking at a sunflower – their bright yellow open faces just have a cheering effect, and their sunny and optimistic appearance just radiates happiness and hope.  As they turn their faces to drink in the maximum of the sun’s rays, they are said to represent adoration, faith and achieving unity which makes them a perfect choice of flower to be used at weddings.

They are in season from May to October and widely available during this time, with their large flower head size meaning that you don’t actually need all that many to make a really eye-catching display.   They are quite an informal flower so they are the perfect accompaniment to a rustic or country chic styled wedding, although really they would suit any but the most formal of weddings.

Their bold colour means that they photograph amazingly well and they suit a range of colours in terms of combining them with both the traditional ivory wedding dress and coloured bridesmaids dresses in jewel like shades of blue, purple and red or pastel pretties like apricot, sky blue or mauve.

There are a surprising amount of different types of sunflower although the first that springs to mind is the giant sunflower – the staple of many a family sunflower growing contest – and the  variation in shades from deep red through orange to bright yellow really provides a gorgeous colour palette to work with.  There are also some smaller varieties that look fabulous both in bouquets and as buttonholes for the groom and his boys.  Of course, this is presuming that you are using real flowers.  Due to their popularity there are also a huge range of artificial sunflowers that can play a part in your venue decoration and lots of sunflower prints from socks to neckties for the boys.  Girls can accessorise in sunflower yellow, so they still shine brightly even when they are not holding their bouquets.

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