Big Brother & Little Brother

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When you are a big brother for the first time, there are some very important jobs and offices that you must perform.  You have to help your little brother all you can without relinquishing too much control (there should never be any doubt who the boss is here!) and there are all sorts of skills that you can teach him - such as block building, car racing, mum badgering and so on.

Cake Smash Photography – 1st Birthday Ideas

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  Once again, another trends wings its way across the pond from America to start to make it big over here in the UK - the cake smash photo shoot.  A fantastic addition to the end of a first or second birthday photo shoot, the cake smash does exactly what it says on the tin.  Take one child, preferable stripped down to his or her nappy, and one birthday cake and let them

Joey Club Photography

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This young man was one of our latest visitors for his second Joey Club session and as you can see, he loved the attention from his mum and dad! He was an absolute star in the studio and we look forward to seeing him around his first birthday for his last session. Joey Club is our free baby photography scheme for the 0 -12 months - it operates a little like the MPA Cherubs scheme that some photographers subscribe to

Newborn Studio Photography

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When you have a newborn baby, those first smiles are incredibly precious and no amount of people telling you that it is 'only wind' will make you believe that your baby is not communicating with you.  But there is a great deal more that is also wonderful about this new person you have made and I think, if you were to ask me, little baby feet and toes have got to be up there in terms of sheer cute factor.

Photographs – The Perfect Surprise Present

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This little lady paid her second visit to the studio with her mum under the Baby Photography Scheme (our free baby photography club - find out more here), but this time it was a bit of secretive visit as the pictures where going to be part of her Daddy's birthday presents. OK this works best before your little one is able to speak, and go home and say to her Daddy, 'we went to see a funny lady today...' -

Studio Photography – Newborn Babies

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With newborn babies, there really is no such thing as them being too small to bring into the studio.  In fact there are some stunning images that you it is possible to create in their first two weeks of life that you will never get the chance to do again as they grow and develop.  There are a few reasons for this but the two main ones are 1. They are still really sleepy - as long as they have

Babies in the Studio

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When this little chap first came into the studio, he had just woken up from a cosy car journey and he was understandably unsure about being thrust into the strange environment with the flashing lights and the mad-haired lady who kept hiding her face behind a big black camera (that is me, I'm not disparaging the state of anyone else's hair!).  This is not an uncommon reaction with little ones in the studio, particularly after they reach a more aware

Professional Newborn Photography – All Wrapped Up!

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Especially at this time of year, it's good to keep wrapped up warm and snuggly and this little chap took the advice very seriously and kept himself cocooned in his cardigan as he napped in our studio.  There were lots of great pictures but this I think was my favourite because of the look of contentment on his little face.  Newborn photography in the studio is one of my favourite type of sessions.  The best age to capture them is

Baby Photos – Oh the Embarassment!

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Well after iPad-gate yesterday, life has returned to its normal calm self and I'm back in the office and catching up with some editing so I thought I'd share this cheeky picture of one of our new young Joey Club members on his first visit to the studio. I strongly suspect that in a few years time I will start to have a raft of angry 18 year olds hammering on my door as they've had their bare bottom pics

Love & Kisses in the Studio

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This mum and baby photo is one of my favourites from a session in the studio that happened just after Christmas as

Christmas Present Photography

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Welcome to the new year! Finally in 2013, I can start to share some pictures of our gorgeous visitors that we had in November and December that had to be kept as 'secret squirrels' as their photos were destined to be Christmas presents. Now the tinsel is down and the wrapping paper in the recycling bin, I can show them off in all their glory. So here is one of my favourites from a session with a very busy 10

All Dressed Up and Somewhere to Go…

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On his last visit to our studio at the weekend, he made a real effort - getting all dressed up in his suit from his recent Christening.  And I think you have to agree that he certainly cuts a very dapper figure.  When you book a session, you have the studio for an hour so there is plenty of time to try different sets and changes.  We had a variety of outfits during the session including a santa suit (with

Too Many Photos to Pick a Favourite!

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The little man really enjoyed his first visit to the studio - I mean really enjoyed it.  He found the whole thing quite hysterically funny which, in turn, had me collapsed with laughter.  There were so many wonderful photographs of his lovely little smile that I really couldn't choose my favourite one to share on here.  So I narrowed it down to a shortlist of 10 and stuck a pin in my screen, well it was a mouse cursor but

Fun & Games in the Portrait Studio

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The portrait studio can be a bit of a strange place for little ones and one of the best ways to help them to relax and enjoy the experience is to offer them the opportunity for plenty of cuddles with mum and, in this case, a good game of 'round and round the garden...'.  George here is actually a very confident fellow so he didn't need much coaxing but he ended up having a great time and I caught this

9 Months & Already Walking

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It's been a week or so of non-stop gorgeous baby girls in the studio - do I have the best job in the world or what?  This particularly pretty blue eyed example is just 9 months old and already walking.  Stunning and a fast learner - a dangerous combination - look out world! Baby Photography Studio offers free photography for the 0 - 12 months, including mums, dads and siblings.  No minimum spend, no sales process, images are viewed and

Baby Smiles in the Portrait Studio

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The National Childbirth Trust do some fantastic work in all areas of parenting but one of the most valuable things I think they do is provide a support network for new mums at what, although it is a fabulous time, can also be a very vulnerable and scary time. We've worked with them directly in the past at various events but now I've been lucky enough to meet some very lovely ladies who are all part of the Reigate,

Christmas Portraits in the Studio

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"It's the most wonderful time of the year..."  Santa's sleigh is getting ready and people are planning their Christmas gift giving - which means we have lots of new friends in the studio all in their best festive outfits (like this gorgeous baby girl), posing for pictures that are sure to delight the gift recipients on Christmas Day.  Our young model here was just an absolute superstar as were her mum and dad and I'm sure that there will be

All dressed up for winter!

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The weather outside is getting a bit chilly which isn't surprising given that it is November and we're always seeing articles about how important it is to keep wrapped up warm and cosy at this time of year.  This young lady has obviously followed the advice and arrived at the studio looking both stylish and toasty and I just couldn't resist just a couple of quick pictures in her winter best before we got into the session. Visit Baby Photography

Getting Cosy in the Portrait Studio

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This little man came to our studio for his first studio portrait session under the free Baby Photography Studio scheme - he made himself right at home and rolled himself up in the blanket.  Snug as a bug in a rug! Baby Photography Studio is our free photography club that specialises in creating fantastic images of babies aged  0 - 12 months and their families.  In the first twelve months, you receive three free sessions plus a free digital image

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