Cake Smash First Birthday Photography

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Joey Club is our baby photography scheme designed to capture key moments in your baby's first year and the final session takes the form of a first birthday shoot with themed props and accessories as well as just to capture your little on as they reach the end of their first year with you.   Plus you can also choose to add on a 'cake smash' photography session at the end to finish up with some fun.  OK it's undeniably

Baby Boy Photography in the Joey Club

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This little came along for his second Joey Club session right on time - around the 8 month mark and although he hadn't been the biggest fan of the studio on his first visit (when he needed frequent mum-cuddles and milk breaks), he just loved the limelight this time around.  So much so that we even indulged in a little dressing up and you have to admit that he is totally rocking the trapper hat with his cheeky grin. 

Little Sister Photography in the Studio

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I love to stay in touch with my clients - we get to know each other a little bit through as we journey through the year of Joey Club photography together - and it is always great to see them again. Especially when they bring a new visitor to the studio to begin the Joey Club process all over again.

East Grinstead Baby Photography

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This handsome fellow paid his first visit to our studio last week for the first of his Joey Club baby photography sessions.  He smiled in lots of his photos and was generally very charming throughout but I think this was one of my favourite shots as it shows off his gorgeous baby blues to their best effect - honestly, the ladies are in so much trouble when this chap grows up!

Joey Club – 7 Months

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This shot is my favourite from a recent session with this very beautiful little boy, or should I say it's one of nearly 100 favourite pictures that I've spent the last half hour debating which one to include in this post.  His first Joey Club session was at three months and and those big blue eyes had already started to work their charms but in his second shoot (at just about 7 months) he really finished the job.

Mobile Babies in the Portrait Studio

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When little ones get mobile, studio photography sessions can be energetic affairs.  After all, why would you want to sit still and have pictures when you have just mastered a very exciting set of skills that give you access to all sorts of cool new stuff?  Luckily, we are wise to the ways of the almost toddler and have lots of strategies and tricks to make sure you get the most out of your session. Here's some of our top tips...

Baby Photography – Dressing Up Fun in the Studio

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Well it is not a secret that I am fond of a little dressing up box fun and so this gorgeous girl presented just too good an opportunity to miss!  Luckily her mum was of the same mind and she also bought along her own range of accessories to create some different styles and looks and baby Ana pulled them all off with consummate ease.  She just smiled and giggled throughout her session and to be honest, so did us grown ups.  Here she is, modelling a vintage look with feathered headdress and string of pearls and she looks absolutely stunning

Newborn Photography – Baby Girls and Tutus

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Our latest newborn visitor came to us at just under two weeks old which is the perfect time to get those gorgeous sleeping beauty shots.  And give me a sleeping baby and I feel almost duty bound to start dressing them up.  What could be more wonderful that popping a tutu on a baby?  A tutu and a matching headband?  OK, you have me there.

Joey Club Baby Photography

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This family first came to visit us as part of the Joey Club free baby photography scheme when he was just a few days new and he's obviously grown quite a bit in the meantime.   With the Joey Club, you get three free sessions in the first 12 months with your new arrival which is a great opportunity to capture all the massive and fast paced changes that they go through in their first year.  Mums, Dads, brothers and sister are also welcome to join in the session.  After each session, you view and order your favourite images from your private online gallery - there's no minimum spend or sales / viewing presentation to attend. You're also invited to select one image from each session to download completely free of charge.

Baby Photography – All the Details

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When you have a new baby, they completely take over your time and affection and basically your life but it is incredible how fast some of the smaller details fade from your memory as they grow up.  So when you join our free baby photography scheme for the 0 - 12 months (we call it Joey Club), we are sure to focus on capturing all the little details of your little one's journey through their first year as well of

All Smiles for the Camera

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This charming gentleman was all smiles on his recent visit to the studio with his mum and dad as part of his membership of the Joey Club (our free baby photography scheme).  I was a little worried at how amusing he found me to look at but have come to the conclusion (on later inspection) that it might well have been my hair as it was particularly bonkers and to be honest, I had a chuckle in the mirror myself

Love Those Baby Blues!

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  The first thing you really notice about this little cutie is those beautiful blue eyes!  I'm not saying the cheeky smile and perfect skin doesn't play a part but I'm thinking that those sweet blue eyes will be setting girls pulses racing when he hits teenage years.  Little Leo was a star in the studio on his recent visit as part of the Joey Club scheme (that's our free baby photography scheme for little cherubs aged 0 - 12

Babies & Balloons

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Finley wasn't very sure about being in the studio, he didn't cry or look scared but he did frown a lot as though he was trying to work out what was going on.   But then mum and dad bought out his favourite thing in the whole world and here he is, pleased as punch with his blue balloon.  We had lots of smiles (and grown ups waving balloons about) after that.  It can be a great idea to bring along

Dressing Up in the Studio

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We like dressing up fun in the studio.   For this shot we thought we would go a little upmarket and so this gorgeous baby boy is wearing a black velvet bow tie and a very charming smile.  What could be better? Parents are welcome to bring along their own props and accessories if they have some items that they would like to include that they feel reflect their family or child's personality or we have a range of accessories

Newborn Studio Photography

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Newborn photography is one of my greatest joys and privileges in the studio, I just love the opportunity to work with these gorgeous little creatures.  That said, achieving those adorable sleepy poses is a great deal harder if you don't have them visit in the first two weeks and mum, dad and I had to work quite hard to get this little lady relaxed enough to drift off.  Still, it was all totally worth it as she looks so beautiful

Newborn Studio Photography

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When you have a newborn baby, those first smiles are incredibly precious and no amount of people telling you that it is 'only wind' will make you believe that your baby is not communicating with you.  But there is a great deal more that is also wonderful about this new person you have made and I think, if you were to ask me, little baby feet and toes have got to be up there in terms of sheer cute factor.

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