How to Relax for Your Boudoir Shoot

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It's pretty natural to be nervous before a boudoir shoot, you're potentially going to be taking off some of your clothes in front of a stranger and that's not in the daily routine for most of us. That worry about feeling nervous on the day and not getting the best out of your shoot can be enough to put some people off booking altogether. I'll say up front, and you can speak to anyone who

Why Book a Boudoir Session?

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Why book a boudoir session?  Well there's lots of reasons... It's been around for a while so you probably already know someone who's done one or at least talked about it but I guess everyone has a different motivation.  Probably the most usual is a 'bridal boudoir' session, booked by a bride-to-be and the images given on the morning of the wedding to give the groom something to think about on the run up to the

Cheeky Smile Week!

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OK, after yesterday I now officially name this week cheeky smile week in the studio! This little one definitely specialised... His mum had come to see us last year for a makeover session with chaosCONFIDENTIAL, the prints being a gift for her new husband on their wedding day, and 12 months later, we were thrilled to welcome her back with this new arrival.

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