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You've heard of 'pester power' - you know what kids do when you are at the checkout in the supermarket and they want they conveniently kid height displayed sweets?  Well this session was booked with us because of a variation of this that was a lot less height restricted and probably  more powerful. This chap's mum had been saying for ages that all she wanted for Christmas and her birthday were some photographs of her son and daughter in law.  So off to the studio they came to get some pictures and claim defeat at the hands of parent-pester-power.

Couple Photography

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When you're a couple and you have kids, it's quite easy to focus on getting great images of just them or you as a family and you find that the years have gone by and there's almost no photos of just the two of you.  The good news is that you can easily solve this problem by booking in for a "couple" photography session at VisualChaos Studios.  For just £26, you have the studio for an hour so you have

Pre-Wedding Shoot

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In just a few weeks this young couple will be tying the note and I'm very pleased to say that I'll be there with them on their big day. I know we will have an excellent time as I was lucky enough to be the photographer at her sister's wedding a couple of years ago and the family are just wonderful! So anyway, we had a practice / engagement / pre-wedding shoot all rolled into one at the studio at

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