Fairy Photography in West Sussex – The Enchanted Forest

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The Enchanted Forest fairy photography experience takes place at our studio in West Sussex three times a year and these exciting weekends are filled with magic, sparkle and a good deal of fairy giggles along the way. When I dreamed up the Enchanted Forest as a venue for fairy photography, it was never about wheeling volumes of little girls through the door for a simple photo shoot in front of a backdrop and  a couple of trees.

The Enchanted Forest Fairy Photography Experience – West Sussex

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Our Enchanted Forest studio is a permanent and purpose built Forest environment designed to provide the ultimate in magical fairy photography experiences for little girls aged 3 and up.

The Fairy Photography Experience

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Our studio is a very interesting place, in the front there is what you would expect to find in a 'normal' studio - lights, props, cameras etc but in the back, there is something altogether more unexpected and magical - Our Enchanted Forest.  This is the home to our fairy photography experience, specially designed and built for little fairies and princesses aged 3 and up.

The Enchanted Forest Fairy Photography – Free Open Day 3rd August

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Our Forest is being replanted in a new location, so to celebrate its new beginning we are holding one last studio open day in its current home. If you'd like to enjoy a free Forest Fairy session in the Enchanted Forest, then you can book your free session in the forest on the 3rd August. Read on, there's lots more information on your session and how to book it below...

Fairy Photo Shoot – Maisie, the Enchanted Forest Fairy

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This gorgeous fairy creature is Maisie, our latest Forest fairy to pay a visit to our Enchanted Forest for her fairy photography experience.  We had a wonderful time showing her all about how the Forest was created from magic beans (we saved some magic beans to show to our special visitors) and how the fairies helped it to grow using some fairy dust (also on display for little visitors).  She choose a very pretty pink fairy dress and she looks

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