International Cat Day – Celebrating Pet Photography

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It's the 8th August and that can only mean one thing - it's International Cat Day!  Your mind went straight there didn't it?  Just me then... Well, anyway, International Cat Day is a real thing designed to focus our attention on our feline buddies - not that they would let you forget about them - so make sure that you give your cat a little extra love and a little extra treat

Three Generations Family Portrait in Sussex

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This lovely family have been planning a shoot for a long while and finally got booked into the studio to capture some very special images - three generations of the women in the family.   Photo shoots like this are extra precious to us as they are a little more than just images that will look great on your wall (although of course they will), I really think they are more like family heirlooms.

Tips to Get your Children Ready for their Photo Shoot

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Never work with children and animals they say but at the studio, well, we do both on a regular basis and we don't mind it one bit! It doesn't need to be a stressful experience and a little preparation can go a long way to making sure that you get the results, and the images, that you want from your session. Try to Make Sure there's No Rush - it sounds a bit obvious

Working with Children in the Studio

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Working With Children in the Studio There's a famous saying that most people have heard.  Never work with children and animals.  Well, despite a harrowing experience with a cat portrait once, I don't really abide by that in the studio.  We have been photographing children for years and we like to think that we do it rather well. I always think that the key is to make kids (and parents of course) feel relaxed and

East Grinstead Family Portrait Photography

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When you are a very small person, it can be a bit overwhelming to be in a photo studio and the littlest of the two chaps above wasn't too keen initially on being on his own to get his picture taken. Luckily Dad was on hand to lend a hand, or actually a shoulder to help him ease into his photo shoot and big brother was there to show him how it was done.  That's family teamwork! A

Family Photography in our East Grinstead Studio

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This little lad's family are no strangers to our studio as they have been coming to visit us since his big sister wasn't very big at all but it's always a pleasure to see them.  This was his first solo outing for a photo shoot though as it was especially to celebrate his upcoming second birthday.  He was a little shy at first but then Mum agreed to get in on the photo action and, as you can see, he

Family Photography Portraits in East Grinstead

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it's the most wonderful time of the year in the studio. Lots of families come to visit to get photos for Christmas presents, and also to satisfy that early new year's resolution to finally get some photos of everyone

Family Photography in East Grinstead

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This family came to visit us last week to get some updated family pictures that they could both put on their walls as well as give as Christmas gifts.  They've been coming to us since the little lad in the pictures was very tiny indeed and it is always a pleasure to catch up with them, and their new little baby girl.  That's one of the loveliest things about my job - seeing families over the years, grow up and

Family Portraits in the East Grinstead Studio

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One of the lovely things about having had a photography studio for more than ten years is that you really get to see families grow up (and grow in number). These guys first came to us when the big boy was first born and they've been coming back regularly for updates (and extra children!) ever since.

Family Photography in East Grinstead

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These two brothers had been to see us in our old studio about 2 years ago and they came back last week for some updated pictures for the family albums and walls.  Aged 4 and 6 now, they are the perfect age for studio photography as they can keep focused for that little bit longer and follow some simple instructions to set up the picture.  Obviously in a session like this, we usually keep the images informal and relaxed in

Studio Family Portrait – Old Friends

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It was lovely to see these guys back in the studio at the weekend. They have been bringing baby Ana to us since she was just two weeks old as part of the Joey Club baby photography scheme but this time they paid us a visit to grab some portraits of their extended family. It is a larger group that our studio normally accommodates but we made an exception for them as they are such good friends of ours.

Gift Voucher Photography in East Grinstead

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Do you know what is the most common thing people say to me on entering our studio? "I hate having my picture taken" or "Having my picture taken makes me nervous". This doesn't tend to come from our teenage generation as they seem to have all grown up being comfortable in front of a camera - you only have to look at Facebook and the ubiquitous selfie to gather that - but anyone older than that more often than not harbours qualms about getting in front of the camera.

Family Photography – A Place in Your History

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My mum bought some newly discovered portraits of her parents and grandparents over when she came to visit the other day.  I hadn't ever seen pictures of that side of the family and even Mum had only seen one or two of them before but they had turned up when my Aunt had been doing research into her family tree. They were fascinating to see obviously on a personal level but photographically, I was struck by the simplicity of the poses and the beauty of the lighting.

Big Brothers & Little Sisters

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This family have been coming to the studio for photographs since the big brother in the picture was just a tiny little 3 month old and it has been my pleasure to see him grown and also to meet his little sister.  The last time she came to the studio, she was just a few weeks old and her big brother wasn't there so I was thrilled when they both came along to the latest session.

Dad & Son AKA Pint and Half Pint

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I wrote a post on this blog yesterday about how great it is when clients co-ordinate the clothes that they wear to their photo shoot and then today I edited this session and it certainly struck a chord.  This father and son duo, AKA Pint and Half Pint had really gone all out on the co-ordination front.  There were other outfits and indeed members of the family present but this shot just made me smile

Family Portraits – What to Wear?

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The first thing that I see when I look at this portrait of two sisters that came into the studio recently is their cheeky smiles.  And there were lots of cheeky smiles during their session that's for sure - they just lit up the studio.  They looked so gorgeous in their matching pink dresses and those dresses really served to show them off without distracting attention away from them in the finished photos.

Photography – Preserving Family History

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Sometimes you have to lead a horse to water and make sure it has a jolly good drink while it is there, otherwise your horse could get dehydrated and you'd have nothing to look at and remember what a great horse it was in years to come. Umm, well I lost it on the analogy at the end there but the principle point is that photographs are a really important way of preserving family history for all the generations to come.

Do Your Grandkids Run Rings Around You?

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One of the things that I am looking forward to about growing older is the thought of having grandchildren, (in case any of our kids are reading this, I am happy to wait for a few years yet so don't even think about it).  Ah the tall tales and stories I will tell them, the chocolate I will offer unbeknownst to the parents (just before I take them home) and the games I will make up to keep us amused.  It's going to be fun.

Black and White & Colour Images in the Studio

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Our little model came to the studio with her baby sister and her mum and dad to take part in a family studio session.  Everyone involved was very gorgeous but I just love her natural smile here as she enjoys a relax on our soft and fluffy rug. I've presented this image of her in black and white as I felt it really suited the relaxed and informal nature of the shot. When we take a set of images at the studio, we usually present a mix of black and white and colour images in the finished collection, although you can choose to swap between them as suits your tastes.  You've got to love digital!

Props in the Studio

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We have a good range of props in the studio, designed to suit all kinds of age ranges and situations.  We have sofas for larger groups, a very versatile armchair that suits pretty much anything from babies to septuagenarians, a footstool that is the perfect height for little ones who have just learned to pull themselves up and cruise around, the list goes on.  But sometimes, the best prop is mum or dad.  So here pictured is by far the most beautiful and glamorous prop that I have had in the studio for a good long while.