Lots of Studio Props!

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We have quite a lot of props and seats in our studio.  I like to think there is something to suit all occasions but one of my favourite is this gorgeous chaise longue - it just has so many uses.  It is glamorous and sexy enough for our female makeover / boudoir portraits, it is large enough to accommodate a sizeable family group in relative comfort (well, anyone who I've ever made perch on the back of it might disagree

Informal Studio Photography

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My last post about our mobile portrait studio at a 90th birthday party showed off our more formal side but studio photography by no means needs to be that formal the whole time. Quite often the images where people are having the most fun are the ones that stand out from the set.  Here, I had three ladies and one cheeky monkey so it only seemed right to give him centre stage for part of the session so here is,

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