Wedding Trend 2014 – Bridal Jumpsuits

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No, I didn't make it up... One of the most surprising wedding trends for 2014 set to take the USA by storm is the bridal jumpsuit. Billed as far more affordable than your traditional gown (the left hand one is by J Crew and costs $750), the bridal jumpsuit is gaining popularity amongst the fashionistas and 'second time arounders'. The financial benefits of being able to wear your wedding outfit after the big day without looking like a Miss Haversham

Wedding Trend 2014 – Weddings with Whimsy

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2013 was a massive year for vintage and rustic weddings and this looks set to continue for 2014 but an exciting trend in addition to these, and one that perfectly compliments their eclectic style, is the addition of some very whimsical touches.  No area is safe from its charmingly eccentric touches.

Sunflower Weddings

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Bright colours are a popular wedding trend this year which really does give sunflowers a chance to shine.  It is very hard, if not impossible, to feel sad whilst looking at a sunflower - their bright yellow open faces just have a cheering effect, and their sunny and optimistic appearance just radiates happiness and hope.  As they turn their faces to drink in the maximum of the sun's rays, they are said to represent adoration, faith and achieving unity which

Wedding Trend 2013 – Naked Cakes

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Now they aren't as saucy as they sound, naked wedding cakes are simply the whole cake and nothing but the cake. That's to say that they don't have any of the fondant icing or traditional wedding decor that you would normally find on a wedding cake.  With their rise in popularity being attributed to the ever growing trend for rustic themed weddings that make a virtue of simplicity, it would seem that the naked cake is here to stay.   In

Top 5 Types of Wedding Pew Decorations

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End of pew (or seating row if you are not marrying in a church but I'll sticking to calling them pew decorations in this article just for ease) decorations can make the journey down the aisle that little bit more beautiful and also add to your venue styling.  As you would normally leave the ceremony room to continue your wedding day on to the wedding breakfast and reception, it's a great idea to choose something that you can transport

Wedding Ideas – Top 5 Alternative Guest Books Ideas

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Your guests are a big part of your wedding but it is a very busy day for the bride and groom and so you might not get the chance to talk to all of them in any real depth.  So having a wedding guestbook is a great way to let them pass on their messages, good wishes and even advice to you on your wedding day and can provide a lasting and much loved souvenir of the day.  There

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