Fun & Games in the Portrait Studio

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The portrait studio can be a bit of a strange place for little ones and one of the best ways to help them to relax and enjoy the experience is to offer them the opportunity for plenty of cuddles with mum and, in this case, a good game of 'round and round the garden...'.  George here is actually a very confident fellow so he didn't need much coaxing but he ended up having a great time and I caught this

Sleepy Baby!

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Sometimes, you just know that a baby is going to be a contented chap - and this little fellow was definitely one of those.  As soon as he got into our special baby cushion (designed so they can sit up for the camera before they've learned to do it on their on), he was a happy chap and ready to take a nap. Nice to know that my studio clients feel that they can really relax I guess ...Sarah

Double Trouble!

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    We have two very cheeky visitors to our studio this week.  These two brothers were brought along and sworn to secrecy as their portrait shoot was going to produce a surprise birthday present for their mum.  They were both very natural in the studio and the images really capture their fun-loving side. We're sure that their mum will be thrilled with the results Photos can make great gifts for any occasions and certainly make an ideal Mother's Day

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