From Newborn to Joey Club

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When you bring your new arrival to us for a newborn photography session, then you don't just get beautiful photos of your baby in his or her earliest days. You also get free membership to our Joey Club baby photography scheme - normally costing £39.95.

Newborn Photography – East Grinstead, West Sussex

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Newborn photography is one of my greatest pleasures as a photographer. There is something almost magical about meeting such a very new life and I love to watch them throughout the session as they always amaze me with the variety of expressions that they can produce despite the fact that they haven't really experienced anything to express in the few short days that they've been around.

Newborn Photography – Baby Girls and Tutus

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Our latest newborn visitor came to us at just under two weeks old which is the perfect time to get those gorgeous sleeping beauty shots.  And give me a sleeping baby and I feel almost duty bound to start dressing them up.  What could be more wonderful that popping a tutu on a baby?  A tutu and a matching headband?  OK, you have me there.

Newborn Studio Photography

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Newborn photography is one of my greatest joys and privileges in the studio, I just love the opportunity to work with these gorgeous little creatures.  That said, achieving those adorable sleepy poses is a great deal harder if you don't have them visit in the first two weeks and mum, dad and I had to work quite hard to get this little lady relaxed enough to drift off.  Still, it was all totally worth it as she looks so beautiful