Birthday Party Photo Session

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There was a definite birthday party atmosphere in the studio on Saturday afternoon and we even had the party hats to prove it!  The birthday party photo shoot was such a lot of fun, we had casual clothes, hawaiian outfits, flourescent brights, and my personal favourite - onesies!  A lot of the fun of this type of party is in the co-ordination and planning of all the outfits the girls would like to wear (they can have up to

Snow Wedding – January 2012

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So when you are marrying in January, you have to be realistic about your prospects for a sunny warm day but when the weather forecast lets you know that you are expecting half a foot of snow, you have a couple of choices.  You can stay indoors or you can get out your wellies and make the most of it.  So this bride quite obviously chose the latter of the two options and I have to say, it was an

Brothers and Sisters in the Studio

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Here's another one to share from my pre-Christmas secret folder! Joining together with brothers and sisters and their families is a great way to make the most of your portrait session - the session is £26 and lasts for an hour so we have plenty of time to mix and match groups of families, adults, and kids... Perfect for an anniversary or birthday present for mum and dad. Teddy bear is optional. ...Sarah

Spending Your Photography Gift Certificates

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Another good reason for working in the festive season - it gives people a chance to come spend their gift certificates! I expect I'll be seeing quite a few more of these kind of sessions over the next few months as we sold quite a lot of photography gift experiences in November and December - so I'm really looking forward to people spending them with us.  They're available for anything either for a set gift, ie a session and framed

Family Portrait Photography

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You see, I knew there was a reason why I wanted to work between Christmas and New Year!  Families are still all celebrating the festive season and there's a little more time so its the ideal opportunity to get one of those rare photos of you all together. I think what I loved most was that they came to the studio not for any special commemorative occasion but just wanted to get some professional photographs of them all together as

Wedding & Portrait Photography

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Another ex-wedding customer catch up session! The little lad was just a babe when I saw him last, and his sister just a 'twinkle' - how time flies! ...Sarah

Baby Portrait Photography Studio

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It is very important when you are a baby and already have a hectic schedule at the age of 10 weeks, and you have the added pressure of a portrait photographic session in the studio, that you make time to relax.  You know, just hop in the hammock and relax.  This picture shows our little model 'taking 5' in our baby hammock - after her break, she was just as fab for the rest of the session.  She is part

Three Generation Family Portrait

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This little lady first came to us when she was very small as part of our Baby Photography Studio free portrait photography scheme (you can find out all about that but as she is two now, we haven't see her for a year. So when her parents booked in for a portrait session, it was lovely to see her again.  This time, she not only bought her mum and dad but also her nanny and granddad who were over

Party Fashion Shoots

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If you are the parent of a pre-teen or teenage girl, you will know how hard it can be to find something for them to do to celebrate their birthday. Many traditional party options are too young for them, yet they are too young to hit the town on their own and limousine parties can break the bank. So let VisualChaos offer you a solution "a photo shoot birthday experience"! The best thing is that they get a birthday

Studio Baby Portrait

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This little lady was right on trend in her nautical inspired outfit when she came to visit us for her Joey Club session (see for more details on this free scheme). And she was the model 'model' - lots of smiles and here pictured, showing off her new skill of clapping!  

Free Engagement Photography

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This lovely couple came to the studio to take advantage of the free engagement photography sessions that we offer to all newly engaged couples! Just book in and visit the studio to receive your free session - the finished photographs are great for invitations, save the date cards and of course simply as wall art that captures the two of you as a couple. As with all our sessions, there is no minimum spend or sales / viewing session -

New Baby – 10 Days Old!

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Oh dear I was doing so well with keeping up to day with the blog as well, it was my new year's resolution to not be so lazy with it. But then with all the Enchanted Forest activity, I've fallen behind a bit. So by way of recompense, can I present you with this sleeping beauty.  Just 10 days old and very relaxed in the studio with his proud dad. I feel very lucky to have been his first 'official

Birthday Party Photo Shoot!

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So just because they're too old for parties that feature pass the parcel doesn't mean they don't want to celebrate with friends on their birthday.  So we have an alternative that is a bit more grown up and ideal for those teenage girls who love get dressed up and strut their stuff in front of a camera. A studio party photo shoot is great fun for all ages - as is shown by the gorgeous group that came to

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