Fusion Weddings – Photography and Cinematography Together

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Our brand new launched Fusion wedding service is now live and definitely kicking as proved at a recent wedding in the Hampton Court area.  With Sarah on still photography and Steve working on videography and drone footage, this is a great combination to tell the story of your wedding day. Find Out More About Fusion Weddings   With our full wedding package we include a wedding film carefully and skillfully

Wedding Photography at South Lodge

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It was my pleasure to be invited to capture James and Chelsey's wedding day at the beautiful South Lodge Hotel (in Horsham, West Sussex).  It's a stunning venue and just perfect for this happy family to celebrate their special day. The day started with the girls getting ready along in one of the spacious South Lodge Hotel rooms and then it was time to move onto the main event of the day at a church that

Commercial Event Photography & Videography with VisualChaos Studios

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VisualChaos were asked cover the NPM Interational Conference at the Arora Hotel in Crawley last week.  We were hired by the Linda Paradis Group who are the world leading specialist in tattoo removal without the use of lasers or needles, a pain-free and effective way of getting rid of unwanted tattoos. Linda was speaking to an audience of dermatology and permanent make up professionals at the Arora Hotel about her techniques and equipment, and

How to Get Real Genuine Smiles From Your Kids

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Children of certain ages can suddenly lose the power to grin without looking like some weird gargoyle off a church! (In fact some parents do too!). The tip to getting a genuine grin is to give them something they really laugh at. Here are some things you can do:-  Be ready to laugh yourself - and if needs be to totally act the idiot. Remember what TV programs really make them grin. It's surprising how often

Crawley Insider Round Table Meeting

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Commercial Photography A regular event for VisualChaos Studio, to provide the commercial editorial photography for the leading business to business magazine INSIDER This meeting was the covering South East Manufacturing held at Rawlison Butler, Griffin House, Crawley and those present represented leading business figures from the area. "Insider is the UK’s most successful regional B2B media company. Today, Insider’s five regional B2B magazines are read every year by over 200,000 subscribers; we host circa 140 market-leading events including

Makeover Photography with MAC

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I treated myself to some brand new MAC palettes for my makeover boudoir photography.  OK, I already had a lot of make up but you can't ever really have too much can you?  And anyway, these are sparkly so I fail to see how I was supposed to resist. They are the 'Amber Times 9' eye shadow palette and the 'Glimmer of Gold mineralize' quad palette just to add a little extra sparkle. A lot

Working with Children in the Studio

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Working With Children in the Studio There's a famous saying that most people have heard.  Never work with children and animals.  Well, despite a harrowing experience with a cat portrait once, I don't really abide by that in the studio.  We have been photographing children for years and we like to think that we do it rather well. I always think that the key is to make kids (and parents of course) feel relaxed and

Free Maternity Session in Jan, Feb, Mar 2015

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Be quick limited time and numbers..... If you are pregnant and your want a FREE maternity session + 5 Images of your choice at around 7 months then please "LIKE" my facebook page to connect with me, as I am renewing my portfolio to add fine art maternity images throughout Jan, Feb and March and need some willing models. My Facebook page is here: www.facebook.com/PhotographySussex

Christmas Gift Experiences from the chaosCONFIDENTIAL range

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Great Christmas gift ideas... Whether you are looking for the perfect gift experience for your wife or girlfriend or images as a Christmas prezzy for your husband or boyfriend, chaosCONFIDENTIAL photography shoots offer a different and unique gift idea. Photography sessions can cover fashion shoots, glamour shoots, "Page3 style" shoots, for your eyes only style, boudoir and burlesque shoots, or a simple make-over with casual Jeans and a T-Shirt shoot. How about that perfect 'air-brushed' cocktail dress portrait? Or

Family Photography Portraits in East Grinstead

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it's the most wonderful time of the year in the studio. Lots of families come to visit to get photos for Christmas presents, and also to satisfy that early new year's resolution to finally get some photos of everyone

Family Photography in East Grinstead

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This family came to visit us last week to get some updated family pictures that they could both put on their walls as well as give as Christmas gifts.  They've been coming to us since the little lad in the pictures was very tiny indeed and it is always a pleasure to catch up with them, and their new little baby girl.  That's one of the loveliest things about my job - seeing families over the years, grow up and

Family Photography in East Grinstead

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These two brothers had been to see us in our old studio about 2 years ago and they came back last week for some updated pictures for the family albums and walls.  Aged 4 and 6 now, they are the perfect age for studio photography as they can keep focused for that little bit longer and follow some simple instructions to set up the picture.  Obviously in a session like this, we usually keep the images informal and relaxed in

Cake Smash First Birthday Photography

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Joey Club is our baby photography scheme designed to capture key moments in your baby's first year and the final session takes the form of a first birthday shoot with themed props and accessories as well as just to capture your little on as they reach the end of their first year with you.   Plus you can also choose to add on a 'cake smash' photography session at the end to finish up with some fun.  OK it's undeniably

Baby Boy Photography in the Joey Club

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This little came along for his second Joey Club session right on time - around the 8 month mark and although he hadn't been the biggest fan of the studio on his first visit (when he needed frequent mum-cuddles and milk breaks), he just loved the limelight this time around.  So much so that we even indulged in a little dressing up and you have to admit that he is totally rocking the trapper hat with his cheeky grin. 

From Newborn to Joey Club

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When you bring your new arrival to us for a newborn photography session, then you don't just get beautiful photos of your baby in his or her earliest days. You also get free membership to our Joey Club baby photography scheme - normally costing £39.95.

Passport, ID, Licence & Visa Photos

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  If you need a passport, visa, driving license / gun license or ID photo that you can't get in a standard booth or if you want one that is a little more flattering than the machine generated ones then visit our studio in Crawley Down, near East Grinstead and Gatwick and get your pictures printed while you wait.    We take pictures for adults, babies and young children. We shoot our passports in our portrait studio utilising the same high

The Enchanted Forest Fairy Photography Experience – West Sussex

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Our Enchanted Forest studio is a permanent and purpose built Forest environment designed to provide the ultimate in magical fairy photography experiences for little girls aged 3 and up.

Newborn Photography – East Grinstead, West Sussex

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Newborn photography is one of my greatest pleasures as a photographer. There is something almost magical about meeting such a very new life and I love to watch them throughout the session as they always amaze me with the variety of expressions that they can produce despite the fact that they haven't really experienced anything to express in the few short days that they've been around.

Little Brother, Big Sister – Love in the Studio

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Sibling displays of affection can feel as they are in short supply some days but this little brother and big sister got on famously in the studio with lots of cuddles and giggles to go around.

Little Sister Photography in the Studio

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I love to stay in touch with my clients - we get to know each other a little bit through as we journey through the year of Joey Club photography together - and it is always great to see them again. Especially when they bring a new visitor to the studio to begin the Joey Club process all over again.