Specialist Female Portrait Photo Shoots – Lingerie Not Required!

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A lot of the time, if you're a woman and want to book a photo shoot, it can seem like the only option that you have is a boudoir session.  Let's be honest, not everybody wants to be photographed in their underwear so what's the option if you just want to get some gorgeous images of yourself fully dressed and looking great!  Well, that would be our dedicated and specialist female portraiture

International Cat Day – Celebrating Pet Photography

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It's the 8th August and that can only mean one thing - it's International Cat Day!  Your mind went straight there didn't it?  Just me then... Well, anyway, International Cat Day is a real thing designed to focus our attention on our feline buddies - not that they would let you forget about them - so make sure that you give your cat a little extra love and a little extra treat

Why Book a Boudoir Session?

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Why book a boudoir session?  Well there's lots of reasons... It's been around for a while so you probably already know someone who's done one or at least talked about it but I guess everyone has a different motivation.  Probably the most usual is a 'bridal boudoir' session, booked by a bride-to-be and the images given on the morning of the wedding to give the groom something to think about on the run up to the

Flirty Fifties Boudoir Photography in East Grinstead

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A cheeky fifties inspired boudoir photography session in my studio (in East Grinstead, West Sussex).  Actually boudoir photography is probably not really the right label for the entire session as it was only the last little section that we got into the lingerie photos.  The rest of the session was fifties cute and girly - sweet and sexy in a gentle flirty way. As the song goes, you don't have to take your clothes off

Family Photography Portraits in East Grinstead

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it's the most wonderful time of the year in the studio. Lots of families come to visit to get photos for Christmas presents, and also to satisfy that early new year's resolution to finally get some photos of everyone

Teen Makeover Photography in East Grinstead

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Lauren's mum had bought her a gift voucher for a teen makeover photo session and Lauren came very well prepared with a wide selection of outfits and accessories.  We kept her make up quite simple, designed just to enhance her already stunning features (and of course to keep it age appropriate).  When that was completed, we then enjoyed a great fun  hour in the studio, working with different outfits, props and backdrops to create a series of images

Studio Family Portrait – Old Friends

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It was lovely to see these guys back in the studio at the weekend. They have been bringing baby Ana to us since she was just two weeks old as part of the Joey Club baby photography scheme but this time they paid us a visit to grab some portraits of their extended family. It is a larger group that our studio normally accommodates but we made an exception for them as they are such good friends of ours.

Little Brother, Big Sister – Love in the Studio

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Sibling displays of affection can feel as they are in short supply some days but this little brother and big sister got on famously in the studio with lots of cuddles and giggles to go around.

Gift Voucher Photography in East Grinstead

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Do you know what is the most common thing people say to me on entering our studio? "I hate having my picture taken" or "Having my picture taken makes me nervous". This doesn't tend to come from our teenage generation as they seem to have all grown up being comfortable in front of a camera - you only have to look at Facebook and the ubiquitous selfie to gather that - but anyone older than that more often than not harbours qualms about getting in front of the camera.

Family Photography – A Place in Your History

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My mum bought some newly discovered portraits of her parents and grandparents over when she came to visit the other day.  I hadn't ever seen pictures of that side of the family and even Mum had only seen one or two of them before but they had turned up when my Aunt had been doing research into her family tree. They were fascinating to see obviously on a personal level but photographically, I was struck by the simplicity of the poses and the beauty of the lighting.

Do Your Grandkids Run Rings Around You?

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One of the things that I am looking forward to about growing older is the thought of having grandchildren, (in case any of our kids are reading this, I am happy to wait for a few years yet so don't even think about it).  Ah the tall tales and stories I will tell them, the chocolate I will offer unbeknownst to the parents (just before I take them home) and the games I will make up to keep us amused.  It's going to be fun.

Stephen and his Bike

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Stephen used his gift voucher to get some romantic shots of a huge love in his life... While he did come with his wife and daughter, I'm referring to his bike of course! Stephen is a Mountain Bike devotee of course and wanted to get some cute shots of him and his bike together. Getting it to stand up right for the shots was a challenge and some painting over in good old photoshop, but the results were great.

Relaxing in the Studio

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Sometimes my favourite shots from a session are not the ones that I had planned on getting - I just love this image of our young man relaxing on our super soft and fluffy rug while we were waiting for his little sister to come over and join him.  I try to keep as alert as possible for moments just like this during all our family portrait sessions, especially when there are young children involved as they always have the

Birthday Party Photo Session

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There was a definite birthday party atmosphere in the studio on Saturday afternoon and we even had the party hats to prove it!  The birthday party photo shoot was such a lot of fun, we had casual clothes, hawaiian outfits, flourescent brights, and my personal favourite - onesies!  A lot of the fun of this type of party is in the co-ordination and planning of all the outfits the girls would like to wear (they can have up to four

Demonstrating New Skills in the Studio

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This little one came to visit us on his final Joey Club visit and he was quite ready for his session - all dressed up and demonstrating his crawling and cruising skills! If you have a little one who has just got mobile, then why not capture the moment in the studio (we had a little lady take her first steps in the studio once and I was like a proud parent to capture it in camera!). They develop so

All Smiles for the Camera

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This charming gentleman was all smiles on his recent visit to the studio with his mum and dad as part of his membership of the Joey Club (our free baby photography scheme).  I was a little worried at how amusing he found me to look at but have come to the conclusion (on later inspection) that it might well have been my hair as it was particularly bonkers and to be honest, I had a chuckle in the mirror myself

Babies & Balloons

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Finley wasn't very sure about being in the studio, he didn't cry or look scared but he did frown a lot as though he was trying to work out what was going on.   But then mum and dad bought out his favourite thing in the whole world and here he is, pleased as punch with his blue balloon.  We had lots of smiles (and grown ups waving balloons about) after that.  It can be a great idea to bring along

Teen & Pre-Teen Portraits

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I love working with our little visitors to the studio, and with larger family groups but I've been working recently on some ideas for teens and pre-teens that offer them a portrait experience that is a little more sophisticated.  This very beautiful young lady has been one of the first to experience it and she was absolutely stunning both to look at and to work with. These sessions are a little different to the normal family sessions as they focus

Informal Studio Photography

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My last post about our mobile portrait studio at a 90th birthday party showed off our more formal side but studio photography by no means needs to be that formal the whole time. Quite often the images where people are having the most fun are the ones that stand out from the set.  Here, I had three ladies and one cheeky monkey so it only seemed right to give him centre stage for part of the session so here is,

Family Get Together in the Studio

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I love a family get together and although it isn't my family, I still had a great time at this one!  All of these guys, plus their partners, got together at the studio to create some portrait images for mum's birthday (she is the lady in the middle).  We played around with lots of different ideas and poses and groupings - some formal and some less so.  This one just made me smile - I call it the 'Facebook Smush'