Trash the Dress / Cherish the Dress

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If you've been married then you probably know how much an important part of the preparations it was to choose your wedding dress.  There's a lot of thought and indeed, a lot of money, that goes into that decision. You wear it, you look fabulous, you're photographed and complimented and then it goes into a box at the back of the wardrobe or in your loft.   So here's an opportunity to dig it out

Trash the Dress Photo Shoots

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Here's a couple of questions for you if you're married - no pressure, there's no wrong answers here but I just want you to think for a second about your wedding dress... Were you in love with your wedding dress when you bought it? Could you not wait to wear it on your wedding day? Is it currently in a box or a bag somewhere in your house without seeing the light of day? You

Trash the Dress. Or Don’t.

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Trash the dress.  Rock the Frock.  Fearless Bridal.  Call it what you will, it's the chance to take your wedding dress out for one last time and capture some stunning pictures that you'd never have dared to do on your wedding day.  Celebrate your inner rock star and be as daring as you, well, dare. Of course, you don't actually have to trash the dress - it depends on how you're feeling.  We've had some

Trash the Dress on the BBC

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Trash the Dress or Cherish the Dress or Rock the Dress? Just Photograph the Dress! Spent some time talking to BBC radio about Trash the Dress today firstly in the morning with BBC Sussex on drive time with Neil Pringle @BBCSussex and a bride of mine Caroline Maddern. Then the story got picked up and I was then on drive time in Yorkshire on the Georgey Spanswick @BBCGeorgey Nice to be introduced as Trashthe Dress specialist photographer

Claire Trashing the Dress

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Had a great fun with Claire and the local sheep and Buxtead Park in East Grinstead. Not only did she look fantastic but the weather was great too with lots of dramatic skys.... Dress got gently mash with the rolling around on trees and in the long grass... Just as it should be :)

Wedding Photography Styles

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When couples are looking for a wedding photographer they can often be split into two groups. There are those that want someone within a given budget, the cost-conscious couple; and there are those that have a specific style or "image art" in mind and focus on the photographer's quality and ability primarily. There is of course no right or wrong route to take, as every wedding is different as is every bride and groom's tastes or view on what art is and what is wedding photography. The fee a wedding photographer will charge is often no indication on the potential outcome of the photography either. You may think that an amateur or inexperienced photographer will be exposed as they will charge less than a professional or more experienced one, or that a pro will naturally charge a lot more, and be way outside your budget, but this is not the case. Photographer's by-and-large charge what they believe their work is worth or what the market will support. So it is not uncommon at all for someone who got a new digital camera for Christmas to Google their local competition and set their prices the same! Likewise, I see many pro and experienced photographer's dropping their prices to deal with the hard economic environment we are all in.

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