Wedding Trends 2014 – Distracting Accents

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This is one of those wedding trends for 2014 that has engendered more controversy than it has praise amongst the wedding fashionistas - there seemed to be a catwalk trend in the recent wedding shows for accents and accessories to the wedding dress that really overshadowed the dress itself, and in some cases, even putting the bride into the shade.

Wedding Trend 2014 – Temporary Bridal Tattoos

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Unless you really have had your head in the sand for the last five years, you can't have failed to notice an explosion in the popularity of tattoos - let's face, if David Dimbleby can do it, it has definitely made it into the mainstream.  So watch out, times they are a-changing in terms of tattoos on a wedding day - if you don't want to commit to forever in terms of your skin (although presuming you have no qualms about committing to forever with your partner) then check out the super sexy grown up temporary options that are now available.

Happy Halloween – Zombie Wedding Top Tips

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Happy Halloween to all!  It is easy at this time of year to get swept up in the commercial aspects of this holiday and forget what it is really all about.  Discrimination is rife even in this day and age. Please share this article with anyone who you know who might be affected - don't be afraid to speak out. Share the love people.e

Sunflower Weddings

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Bright colours are a popular wedding trend this year which really does give sunflowers a chance to shine.  It is very hard, if not impossible, to feel sad whilst looking at a sunflower - their bright yellow open faces just have a cheering effect, and their sunny and optimistic appearance just radiates happiness and hope.  As they turn their faces to drink in the maximum of the sun's rays, they are said to represent adoration, faith and achieving unity which

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