Hypnotherapy Business Marketing Video

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VisualChaos Studios was excited to be asked to create a business marketing video for Vanessa Karl, a local hypnotherapist working from Forest Row in West Sussex. In all honesty, hypnotherapy was not an area that we have worked in before so after some time spent with Vanessa getting an understanding of how her business works and how hypnotherapy can help with a range of issues, we decided together to focus her video on the

Five Reasons to Use Video in Your Business Marketing

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This year is official 'The Year of the Video'. Businesses everywhere are turning to moving images to spread the message about their goods and service where they weren't using at at all 12 months ago. There's some powerful reasons why. Google loves video - Video by nature encourages visitors to your site to stay on a little longer and Google loves these longer engagement times, rewarding your search

Commercial Event Photography & Videography with VisualChaos Studios

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VisualChaos were asked cover the NPM Interational Conference at the Arora Hotel in Crawley last week.  We were hired by the Linda Paradis Group who are the world leading specialist in tattoo removal without the use of lasers or needles, a pain-free and effective way of getting rid of unwanted tattoos. Linda was speaking to an audience of dermatology and permanent make up professionals at the Arora Hotel about her techniques and equipment, and

VisualChaos Studios and Advanced Valeting and Detailing

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Another exciting new project on the slate for VisualChaos Studios working with Advanced Valeting and Detailing. Forget a bucket and sponge when it comes to taking care of your care, these guys offer a serious high quality valeting and detailing service, including ceramic paint protection to keep your pride and joy in top condition for longer. In business since 2004 and based in Brighton (East Sussex), this business offers a wide range