Boudoir Photography in East Grinstead

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This lady came to visit my studio in East Grinstead, West Sussex for a boudoir photography session with a vintage pinup feel and she brought along the most amazing collection of fifties styled outfits and shoes.  Honestly, I was so spoiled for choice as to what to photograph her in first - talk about a kid in a candy store! Anyway, her outfits were so bright and colourful, we decided to show them off against some

That Kodak Moment

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So whether it is the trend for vintage in general or my upcoming big 4 - o, I find myself very attracted to what would be considered vintage portraiture at the moment. Whilst cruising around the internet recently, I found this advert from Kodak in the 1920s. Kodak was the company that brought photography into the homes of thousands, even putting cameras into the hands of women (cue gasp) - but it still took photography seriously.

Family Photography – A Place in Your History

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My mum bought some newly discovered portraits of her parents and grandparents over when she came to visit the other day.  I hadn't ever seen pictures of that side of the family and even Mum had only seen one or two of them before but they had turned up when my Aunt had been doing research into her family tree. They were fascinating to see obviously on a personal level but photographically, I was struck by the simplicity of the poses and the beauty of the lighting.

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