5 Wedding Hacks to Save you Money!

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So weddings can be expensive things, I don't think that's too much of a secret and there can be pressure from lots of different areas to include this, that or the other in order to make your day perfect. That's great if you have an unlimited budget but who does really?  Not so many people... So here's some ideas about how you can  save some money without having to cut budget in the really

5 Little Things that you didn’t Know you Needed on your Wedding Day

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OK, if you're planning a wedding, you'll already have a big list of items that you need to make arrangements for to get your day organised. Still, here's five little wedding gadgets that won't break the bank and might well make your wedding day run just a little bit smoother! Veil Weights - if you're having a veil, then these are a great investment.  They are little decorative magnetic clips that attach to the

5 Things you Should Tell Your Wedding Photographer

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We've been photographing weddings for a really long time, so long that it makes us a little bit sad to think how old we're getting! So we're used to being on the look out for all sorts of events and opportunities to make sure we capture all the memories that will be important to you as you move on through married life together. We'll also already have a rough plan for the day including items

Wedding Photography at Alexander House Hotel, Turners Hill

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Alexander House Hotel is one of our favourite venues to work at.  Set in acres of stunning grounds, the house itself is stylish and elegant from the bedrooms through to the ceremony and reception rooms.  With an outdoor ceremony venue, there really isn't much that this gorgeous wedding venue doesn't have to offer to wedding groups of all sizes. If your coverage is starting with the bridal party’s preparations at

Drone Photography at Weddings

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You can hardly have failed to notice that drones are big news at the moment, whether it be for positive or negative reasons. Still their ability to provide a unique viewpoint for both photography and videography cannot be in doubt and VisualChaos have their own drone and CAA certified operator in Steve which lets us offer you drone photography at your wedding included in our standard wedding package. Where Drones are Great There are

Eco Friendly Weddings

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The welfare of the environment is a concern for an increasing amount of people so it's not surprising that it's recently becoming a factor for consideration when couples are wedding planning. In fact a recent survey conducted by the wedding planning app Bridebook, indicated that 39% of couples who took part had considered sustainability as part of their wedding planning process.   This sizeable proportion means that sustainable weddings are moving away from the preserve of the eco-vangelist and

The IKEA Hack that Helps Bride’s to Pee on their Wedding Day

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The IKEA Hack that Helps Bride's to Pee on their Wedding Day Of course, as a bride, you want a storybook day but even the most beautiful storybook princess will need to answer the call of nature at some point during the day. If you've got a big dress, this can be far from straightforward. So, you can take your bridesmaids or simply use this IKEA hack to make it easy even as a solo mission.