Teen & Pre-Teen Studio Portrait Photography I love working with our little visitors to the studio, and with larger family groups but I’ve been working recently on some ideas for teens and pre-teens that offer them a portrait experience that is a little more sophisticated.  This very beautiful young lady has been one of the first to experience it and she was absolutely stunning both to look at and to work with.

These sessions are a little different to the normal family sessions as they focus purely on the young adult, and encourage outfit changes and styling to reflect their personalities, hobbies and interests.  They don’t need to have any previous experience in a photography studio as they are gently directed and encouraged to explore finding their own style and look.  A brilliant birthday gift experience, fantastic confidence booster and stunning high quality professional images!  Still only £26 per session…

Treat yourself and your not-so-little one to a wonderful studio photography experience and create some images that you’ll treasure forever.

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