That Kodak Moment Vintage Photography

So whether it is the trend for vintage in general or my upcoming big 4 – o, I find myself very attracted to what would be considered vintage portraiture at the moment. Whilst cruising around the internet recently, I found this advert from Kodak in the 1920s. Kodak was the company that brought photography into the homes of thousands, even putting cameras into the hands of women (cue gasp) – but it still took photography seriously.

The Kodak was never designed to replace the need for professional portraiture, but to ‘delightfully supplement them’.  Not for them the ‘snap’ but a set of constructed images set to capture the family and preserve it for generations to come.  In small print at the bottom of the advert, the Kodak owner is invited to visit their dealer to collected a ‘well illustrated little book that will help with picture making at your home’.  It all seems very stiff and formal now but then it did put an importance on photos in capturing moments in family history that is largely lost in our ‘snap happy’ culture.

The balance probably lies somewhere between the two approaches although I will think more carefully next time I whip out the iPhone to ‘take a quick picture’.