The Enchanted Forest Fairy Photography Experience - West Sussex

When you walk in through our studio doors, if you turn to your left you will see a perfectly normal photography studio with everything you would expect to find – props, backgrounds, lights etc.  If you turn to your right, you will see a magical fairytale forest. Now, not all studio owners get to say that do they?

This is our purpose built Enchanted Forest in which little girls looking to express their inner fairy are invited to come and share the magic.  It is a permanent Forest environment with its own story and past plus hidden items for little eyes to seek our while they’re having their photographs taken.  Access to the studio also comes with access to all our unique range of handmade dresses, wands, props and of course wings (well you’re hardly a fairy unless you have wings).

The Forest is ideally suited to little girls aged 3 and up as this is the age where they are really able to engage with the environment and share in the fairy magic.  To find out more about the fairy photography experience and make your booking visit our Enchanted Forest website.



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