Enchanted Forest History

Our Enchanted Forest is the end result of what was for us a very exciting journey. We were selected to be its creators by a fairy called Aranyani and we had to work very hard and complete all sorts of tasks before we were allowed to share the results with anyone.

We kept careful records of all the events that occurred along the way, including taking photographs of all the gifts, strange occurrences and sometimes slightly cross corrective notes we received. You can see a brief history of our Forest here or download The Fairy Tale Diary for the full version (perfect for showing to your little fairy prior to the visit to really get her in the spirit of things)

After all of our work in creating our forest, our last promise was to share it with lots of fairies and princesses, allowing them all to enjoy it and in turn filling it with their joy and wonder.

The Experience

When you arrive at the studio, you will be shown upstairs to our Enchanted Forest. Before we enter the forest, we’ll tell you a bit about it and what to expect. While we then go and choose some costumes and accessories in the appropriate size for you to select from, you’ll have some time to relax and look around at the various gifts and artefacts that we have preserved from our journey with our fairy friends. We will then put together your fairy look for the day and get your little one into costume. Once she is suitably adorned, there is time for a quick admiring glance in the mirror and then we’ll go through into The Enchanted Forest.

Once we are inside The Enchanted Forest, we will slowly move around and help your little fairy to sit and stand in various poses and environments so that we can capture her in her natural fairy environment.

When we are finished, we will say goodbye to The Enchanted Forest and get your fairy back into her everyday clothes.

Approximately one week to 10 days after your visit, you will receive a link in your email to your own private on-line gallery where you will see your images first as a slide show set to music (perfect for sharing with friends and grandparents) and then as individual images in order that you can make your selection.

You can then select the image that you would like for your frame or canvas wrap, and also order any additional images on-line if you wish.

Your finished frame or canvas and any additional prints or products will ready for collection in approximately two/three weeks from when you select your image ready for you to hang on your wall and admire.

Presentation – Canvas / Frame / Prints

We currently make available two presentation options for your selected image, along with a simple print selection. You can either choose to have a Framed Image at 20″ x 16″ (glazed and mounted) or a Canvas Wrap at 20″ x 16″ both come ready to hang. While there is a super-size option for the next size up, we do not offer any other options at this time except prints starting at 10″ x 8″. Our Enchanted Forest Sessions are not like our normal photography studio sessions, the is less emphasis on the number of pictures taken more of the quality and expression. This is a fix set and not an open plan studio space so we work our little fairies through a number of pre-subscribed places and poses.


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