Children's Fairy Photography Experience

Our studio is a very interesting place, in the front there is what you would expect to find in a ‘normal’ studio – lights, props, cameras etc but in the back, there is something altogether more unexpected and magical – Our Enchanted Forest.  This is the home to our fairy photography experience, specially designed and built for little fairies and princesses aged 3 and up.

One of the advantages of having our Forest as a permanent feature, is that we’ve been able to build the whole environment and experience to be as real as possible for our little fairy visitors.  We even documented the growth of our magical fairy forest in diary format – you can click here to read the full version. From the moment they arrive and see the magic beans that the forest was grown from, find the fairies in our photographs and see real life fairy gardening equipment, they are immersed in the world of fairies.

Then we go through into the forest and pick out the perfect fairy dress, wings, wand and other accessories before we get to taking some photos.  We have a fir woodland, castle wall set and also a very magical pond complete with a giant toadstool – along with some special forest secrets that curious eyes can spy.

Find out more and book your Enchanted Forest Fairy Photography Experience by clicking here.