Never work with children and animals they say but at the studio, well, we do both on a regular basis and we don’t mind it one bit!

It doesn’t need to be a stressful experience and a little preparation can go a long way to making sure that you get the results, and the images, that you want from your session.

Try to Make Sure there’s No Rush – it sounds a bit obvious but if you’re rushing and a bit stressed because you’ve got to get here straight from a ballet / swimming / whatever class then its likely that your kids will pick up on that.  Our studio is open from Tuesday to Saturday and we’ll be as flexible as possible on appointments so try and schedule for a date when you know you won’t be pushed for time.

Let the Kids Get Involved in Choosing their Outfit – OK, that one depends on their age and you might need to gently guide and persuade them until they make the ‘right’ decision but they are more likely to be happy to dress up if they feel like they’ve had an input in choosing what they wear.

Bring Extra Clothes – You can guarantee that if you don’t have any changes, then this is the time that they will spit up and dribble, spill their drink, smear chocolate on or generally in other way render their outfit unwearable.  We have time for outfit changes within a shoot anyway, but a spare is a good insurance policy.

Hungry People Make Bad Models  – speaking from personal experience (I am a deeply hangry person),  little people especially aren’t good when they’re hungry or thirsty.  We don’t have anywhere for them to eat at the studio but it’s worth making sure they have had a meal or snack before they come.  Of course, you’re welcome to bring along drinks for them to keep them topped up during their photo shoot.

Sleepy People Also Make Bad Models – it’s typical that your little one will break their routine on the day of your appointment but it’s worth trying schedule your shoot for after nap time when they are most likely to play ball and enjoy having their picture taken.

Bribery Doesn’t Work – In our experience, food bribery especially is not that effective in the studio. By this I mean, if you promise a biscuit or a treat in return for sitting still for their pictures, what tends to happen is that they sit still for a millisecond and then run to you to claim their reward and in fairness they have kept up their end of the bargain technically speaking.  If they eat while their picture is being taken then you end up with lots of chewy face photos and so generally, we’d definitely recommend not using food as a motivation.  Distraction techniques, singing, dancing, pulling faces, waving toys, peekaboo, anything else silly you can think of – definitely the way to go and definitely more fun!

Bring a Distraction for Down Time – if you have a shoot booked where the kids will need to wait until it’s their turn to have their picture taken, then its a good idea to bring along a toy to amuse them while they are waiting.  Ipads and phones are popular choices but please know that the studio has dreadful mobile reception so its a good idea to preload your device with anything they will want to play or watch while they are here.

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