Tips to Prepare for Your Boudoir Session

Choose your Wardrobe. Classic underwear and lingerie is fantastic and shots really well. We’d suggest this is a good moment to go out and choose something sexy and beautiful – treat yourself to some really great lingerie. (But don’t forget to remove the labels). Try and avoid Thongs & G-Strings, they don’t always look good in boudoir photographs, these designs are fine for glamour pictures but doesn’t work so well in the boudoir style.

If lingerie is not for you, that’s fine: swimwear, a sports jersey, oversized sweater, crisp white man’s shirt, or tight shirt and shorts are all terrific options. Personalise the session by stealing your Man’s clothing! Work uniforms or sports tops are a great fun contrast to the lingerie shots.

Remember Accessories. Choose items which go with each clothing set. In general we suggest keeping it clean and elegant. Too much jewellery can be distracting in the pictures. Also select shoes to go with each set. You don’t need to bring hundreds of items, just a selection to choose from.

Remember Special Items. Bring something important to your partner, maybe work tools, sports gear, hobby equipment?

Beauty Preparations Before the Shoot. We suggest that anything you get done is complete well ahead of the shoot. So eyebrow shaping, hair cuts, manicures, waxing etc should all be done a few days before to make sure everything has settled down and there are no rashes and skin irritations.

Tanning! If you feel the need (hopefully not) then please do not use fake tan within 2 weeks of the shoot. Any slight unevenness really shows up in photographs and won’t get removed in post. Similarly if you are thinking of tanning beforehand, do it well in advance and avoid tan lines!!! Fixing uneven tanning is really hard and may have an additional charge, or may just not be possible to sort.

Makeup and Hair. We really recommend that you have your hair and make-up done at our studio. We have professional MUA’s here who understand how to make you look enchanting for photography shoots and it is one less hassle so you can be relaxed on the day.

Just Before the experience. Drink plenty of water a day or two before to get your skin nicely hydrated and healthy. Shave or defoliate a couple of days in advance, so everything has a chance to settle down. Eat a light breakfast to avoid bloating. Please don’t wear constricting clothes, bras, knickers, socks on the day, they leave red indents in the skin.

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