Be My Bridesmaid? Top 5 Ways to Ask

So you have had the proposal and told your family and friends.  Now the wedding planning starts in earnest and one of the first thing that any girl is going to give early consideration to is who will be the girls that walk down the aisle with her.  Chances are you already have a good idea of who you’d like with you on your wedding day but why not get creative with how you share your invitation with them.  The top five ways to ask someone to be your bridesmaid are…

1.  Just ask them – Phone them or meet them and come straight out with it.  You can jazz up this idea but taking them out for lunch or to their favourite spa before asking.  No quibbles, certainly gets the job done but is there something more fun you could make of this? It is after all a big event for both you. Yes, I think so.

2. Write it Down – a quick search on the internet will reveal a whole host of extremely charming, stylish and sometimes really funny cards that you can buy to ask someone to be your bridesmaid.  Search around a little bit more and you can also find some fabulous poems you could include.  This is a great option if your bridesmaids are not nearby enough for you to see them in person or it might be fun to hide it somewhere for them to find.  Then there are some other ideas about writing notes asking them to be your bridesmaid or maid of honour and hiding them in containers or rings (as in the picture on the left) that could really make for a fun surprise.   There are also some books you can buy that provide a guide to being a bridesmaid which would make a beautifully wrapped and not subtle invitation.  My personal favourite is the bridesmaid dress up doll sticker book – once they have said yes, you can dress up the doll inside.  Yes, I might need to grow up a little bit.  I think my favourite ‘slogan’ that I’ve seen is “I’ve got my man.  But I still need my girls” – sums it up really…

3. Drink and be Merry – Wine and bridesmaids go together like love and marriage (I don’t think that’s just me!) so why not invite them over for a special dinner or lunch and present them with their own special bottle of wine with a personalised label asking them if they will do you the honour. An invitation that can be immediately opened and toasted with to seal the deal.  Personalised labels are available to buy online or if you’re feeling creative and have a printer, it would be quite easy to make your own.

4. Get the Picture – If you’re asking them to be your bridesmaid, the chances are that you have a long history of being close to them and therefore, lots of pictures of the two of you together over the years. Personalising your card, gift box or even making a gift out of the photograph itself (I’ve seen some lovely frames with ‘Will you be my bridesmaid / maid of honour’ engraved onto them, as well as jigsaws, and a whole host of other photo gifts that are easily available online).  One really lovely idea that I saw was to give your bridesmaid a box full of fridge magnets or drawing pins made from bottle-caps, each with a different photo of the two of you together pressed inside.  The last one they get to holds a message asking the big question.

5. Give them a Kit – Being a bridesmaid is not all fun and games. Well it is mostly fun and games but there is a little bit of work so it is in order the sweeten the deal, you could present them with a bridesmaid ‘survival kit’.  There are lots that are commercially available to purchase but you could try creating your own and personalising them to each bridesmaid.  Commonly included items include monogrammed champagne flute and mini bottle of champagne (there is normally alcohol of some sort included either to celebrate becoming a bridesmaid or to calm those wedding nerves!), indulgent spa type treatments to make them gorgeous before the big day, chocolate gifts for that much needed energy boost and even practical items like mini sewing kits or invisible blister plasters (in case shoes rub whilst dancing the night away).

You will pay so much attention to arranging your wedding day in every detail, why not start early and make the experience of asking your best girls to be your bridesmaids as special as they are.

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