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It’s a catch 22 situation isn’t it?  Everyone wants a warm sunny day to enjoy on their wedding day but no-one wants to look hot and flustered in their photos.  Here’s our top five tips for staying cool and looking cooler…

First off, before that, a pro photographer will always put you in the shade for your wedding photos.  A clear blue sky with blazing sun is lovely to bathe in but the heavy top light leads to a lot of contrast and shadowing (and the dreaded panda eye picture).  Of course your venue may not offer shade and so we’ll always do our best to keep your back to the sun and add some light of our own to minimise the shadowing. That’s also not to say that there aren’t times when sunny pictures aren’t great but know we’ll keep you cool and comfy in the shade where we can.  That said, there’s our top five hints to keep chilled out…

  1. Stay Hydrated – Now we’re not your mum so we won’t nag but it’s easy to forget to grab some water when you’re busy.  Being fully hydrated really will keep you much more comfortable in the heat. If you think you’ll forget, you could assign a bridesmaid as your personal water monitor – offering you fresh glasses at regular intervals especially while your official bride work is going on.
  2. Check Out Your Venue’s Heating / Cooling in Advance – Even if it’s just a small area, it’s a great idea to arrange to have one air-conditioned refuge where (and your guests) can cool right down if they need to.
  3. Get a Fan – Hand fans really do an amazing job of providing a refreshing coll breeze when nature doesn’t.  There’s even bridal ranges you can shop for online so you don’t ruin your perfect bride image.
  4. Avoid ‘Chub Rub’ – OK this isn’t the sexiest of subjects and you’ll probably want to take them off before your wedding night but even slim thighed folk can finding chafing a pain in the heat.  A fact that is magnified if you’re wearing pettiskirts and a big dress.  Anti chafing thigh bands are a thing – buy ’em now, thank us later.
  5. Talk to your Make Up Artist – Of course a wedding make up professional will be well used to applying your makeup so that it lasts all day in all condition.  If you’re worried about it melting off your face in hot weather and leaving you less than picture perfect, chat through your options.  If you’re doing your own makeup, a powder base is widely recognised as offering that bit more staying power.

So here’s to sunny wedding days with brides looking cooler than a cucumber – bring it on British Summer Time, we’re ready for you!