I don’t think you’re ever done learning, probably in any job, but definitely in mine.  That’s part of the reason that I love it so much actually – there’s always more to learn, to practice and achieve.  Fashions and trends change, folk come up with new ideas and new products and it’s up to me to get on board with those or get left behind.

So with this spirit in mind, it was back to school for me at the Brighton Make Up School. Not to work on make up in this case but to study up on the latest in hair styling.

The course was entitled bridal hair which isn’t something I aspire to as it goes but it was the perfect course in terms of learning more about the latest trends in dry hair styling which is what I do at the studio for my boudoir photography.  There wasn’t much time to take photos as it was quite full but I loved what we covered in terms of romantic and boho looks, especially how to transform them quickly and easily to create different looks within a session.  Can’t wait to start back in the studio with a head fizzing with ideas.

Adding hair and make up to your boudoir photo shoot isn’t obligatory but it’s a lovely way to get in the mood for your photos by adding that touch of pampering as well as being sure of a polished and professional finish. Article by Sarah Fisher

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