Trash the Dress Photo Shoots Sussex

Here’s a couple of questions for you if you’re married – no pressure, there’s no wrong answers here but I just want you to think for a second about your wedding dress…

  1. Were you in love with your wedding dress when you bought it?
  2. Could you not wait to wear it on your wedding day?
  3. Is it currently in a box or a bag somewhere in your house without seeing the light of day?

You may be suffering from a serious case of wedding dress neglect.  Now don’t worry, there’s a cure.  Drag that baby on out, dust it off and get it on you for a fantastic trash the dress wedding photo shoot.

Make yourself a star for the day with this type of art styled wedding shoot and rock your dress just one more time.  You can choose where you do it, or we’re happy to advise according to the style of images that you’d like.  You can be quirky, romantic, crazy, urban, wet or dry – just tell us and we’ll find a style and a place to suit.

Trash My Dress?  Are you Crazy?

If it’s too much of a wrench to actually trash the dress, then you don’t have to.  It’s more about taking you and the dress to a contrasting environment, without the time pressures that existed on your actual wedding day and enjoying a photo shoot.  Conversely, we’ll be as daring as you are if you really want to do some damage to the dress – paint, fire, nothing’s off limit as long as you’re not in a flaming dress of course!

A session includes your five favourite digital images selected from your online gallery (no sales session to attend), and an hour’s worth of shooting time in your chosen location.  The cost is £125 and the memories are priceless!

Trash the Dress Photo Shoots Sussex
Trash the Dress Photo Shoots Sussex
Trash the Dress Photo Shoots Sussex

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