Trash the Dress on the BBC

Trash the Dress on the BBC

Trash the Dress or Cherish the Dress
or Rock the Dress?

Just Photograph the Dress!

Spent some time talking to BBC radio about Trash the Dress today firstly in the morning with BBC Sussex on drive time with Neil Pringle @BBCSussex and a bride of mine Caroline Maddern. Then the story got picked up and I was then on drive time in Yorkshire on the Georgey Spanswick @BBCGeorgey

Nice to be introduced as Trashthe Dress specialist photographer as this is an area that I love doing the most! It is always so much fun and creative without the pressures of the wedding day. We are blessed in the local area of Sussex with such great venues from urban grafetti areas to the sea of the south cost….

It’s never too late to have a shoot the Dress session I have brides talking to me who have been married 4 or 5 yuears now, doesn’t even matter if the dress doesn’t fit!

This is the BBC Radio interview with the Neil Pringle Breakfast Show.

Trash the Dress Photo Shoots Sussex

This is the BBC Radio interview with the Drive Time Show.

(c) BBC Radio Sussex and BBC Radio Yorkshire

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Trash the Dress or Cherish the Dress

Wedding Art Session for After the Wedding?
Trash the dress (or in the it’s often known as UK ‘cherish the dress’) as a concept originated in the USA a few years ago, and has proved to be extremely popular as a fine-art wedding shoot opportunity. Find out more about it….. As I include it with many of my wedding packages.
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Professional Wedding Photography

Wedding story telling, as it should be...
I tailor wedding photography to your needs using my unique flavour of reportage and journalistic story telling and self-styled magazine wedding portrait fine art
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